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Trivia & Talent Night! Virtual programs to connect Wentcher Scholars

Ten minutes into the activity and the competition was fierce. Forty-two Wentcher Scholars from across the nation gathered virtually for the Foundations first Scholar Trivia and Talent Night on March 10. As part of the night, students were asked to create and present “pitches” for a new television series, loosely based on the theme “What it is like to be a college student in 2020-2021?” Despite offering exciting ideas such as finding true love in an unusual place and imagining the pandemic as a time of unity rather than isolationthe tried-and-true notion that the virus could turn humans into flesh-eating zombies won the day! 


The Wentcher Scholars Trivia and Talent Night gave students the opportunity to relax for an evening, reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Along with participating in games, Scholars shared their musical and artistic talents. Studentperformed songs by the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Caifanas, Elvis Presley and J.S Bachplayed on the guitar, the marimba, the kalimba and the cello, respectively. We were treated to an Indian dance and a recitation of an original poetry piece. The evening concluded with a spirited round of Jeopardy 


 Dessi Vasevski, Oakton Wentcher Transfer Scholar

Despite this time of uncertainty and isolation, it was heartening to see members of the Wentcher Scholars community come together for an evening of connection and fun. We look forward to continuing to connect with scholars virtually through programs like these until we can bring our Wentcher Scholars together again.  

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