High Character? Bold Dreams? Ready to make an Unlimited Impact?

Today, we have over 1000 current and alumni Wentcher Scholars who are already changing the world, including over 170 that began their studies at Oakton College. Are you ready to become one of them?

When you become an Oakton Wentcher Scholar, you receive a scholarship award of up to $3,500 a year, renewable for up to two years, plus:

Criteria to apply

The Wentcher Foundation identifies ten students from Chicago-area high schools planning to attend Oakton College who exemplify academic excellence, high character, and demonstrate financial need.


Applicant must be a Chicago-area high school senior graduating the same year they are enrolling at Oakton College

Academic excellence

The Wentcher Foundation requires a minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA.

Financial need

Scholars must be eligible to receive federal financial aid. Applications from US citizens, legal permanent residents, and FAFSA-eligible noncitizens will be considered. If you are not sure about your eligibility status, visit the Federal Student Aid website.

High character

Students who are well-rounded in extracurricular activities, leadership experience, honors and achievements. During our interview process, we ask students about their achievements, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the dreams that they wish to fulfill. Oakton Wentcher Scholars often share the traits of being emotionally resilient and genuine. Like our founder, Ernie Wentcher, they are team players and leaders.

APPLY TO BE A Oakton Wentcher scholar

Due April 12, 2024

Oakton Wentcher

March 4

Oakton Wentcher Scholarship Application Opens

April 12

Oakton Wentcher Scholarship Deadline 

Late April

Finalists notified and invited to interview

First Week of May

In-person Finalist Interviews

Mid - May

New scholars notified of awards

Oakton Wentcher Transfer Scholarship

Current Oakton Wentcher Scholars are notified of the opportunity to apply for the transfer award in Spring of their second year. To receive the Oakton Wentcher Transfer Scholarship award, you must first be a current Oakton Wentcher Scholar, have maintained a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and have received transfer admission to a new institution to complete your bachelors degree.

The Wentcher Foundation invites eligible Oakton Wentcher Scholars to complete a transfer application each spring.  In our fourteen years of providing Oakton Wentcher Transfer Scholarships, over 90 Wentcher Scholars have continued their studies beyond Oakton College to attend dozens institutions locally and nationwide.

“Be genuine. Believe in yourself. Fight for what’s right. Connect to a cause larger than yourself.”
- Ernie Wentcher