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Professional Development Workshops for Wentcher Scholars

Last month the Wentcher Foundation began our new Professional Development workshops for scholars. 


Every other month, the Wentcher Foundation will host virtual sessions in which alumni speak to current students, addressing various topics to support scholars to post-graduation success. 


On Thursday June 10th, the first Professional Development workshop was led by alumna Soobin Kim in which she answered questions about applying for medical school, MCAT testing, and gave advice on how to navigate medical school. 


Soobin graduated from Lane Tech High School and received the Wentcher Foundation Scholarship in 2013 to support her undergraduate studies. In 2017, Soobin graduated with Honors from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a minor in Business Administration.  


Currently a fourth-year medical student, Soobin is a member of the Urban Medicine Program and works closely with the UI Health Sickle Cell Center. She has written policy for the American Medical Association, is an active member of the Student Curricular Board, and serves as a mentor in several pipeline programs for high school students interested in STEM. 


Soobin will be pursuing a residency in anesthesiology following graduation in May 2022. 


We are so proud of Soobin and thankful that she was able to speak to our current scholars! 


In late July, we are scheduled to have a session led by alumni Nia Harris and Gio Santiago on applying for a Fulbright Award. Gio Santiago received the Fulbright Award in 2019 and Nia Harris will be leaving for her Fulbright fellowship in early 2022.  


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