“If it wasn't for this foundation, my college education wouldn't have been possible.”-Daniela Muñoz, UIC Class of ‘15

“The charitable spirit of Mr. Wentcher will live on through his scholars' endeavors in life. I will always remember his generosity and tremendous aid.”-Anthony Bermeo, UIC Class of ‘17

"I hope that one day I am able to continue the good work started by Mr. Wentcher."-Ololade Olawale, Cornell Class of '18

The Wentcher Foundation

The Wentcher Foundation provides scholarships to help highly-talented students from the Chicago area pursue higher education at colleges and universities across the United States. Funded by founder and benefactor Ernest Wentcher, the Foundation awards scholarships on the basis of academic merit, character, and financial need. Since 2002, the Foundation has supported more than 300 Scholars with more than $11 million in scholarship funding.

Today, the Foundation continues to grow and thrive. Each year, we select 70+ Chicago Public Schools seniors to receive renewable $10,000 scholarships to attend colleges and universities of their choice. In addition, Wentcher chooses ten students entering Oakton Community College for renewable $3,500 scholarships. Oakton Wentcher Scholars who continue to meet the Foundation's criteria also have the opportunity to apply for Wentcher's Oakton Transfer Scholarship, which provides up to $10,000 per year to help Oakton Scholars continue their undergraduate education at four-year universities.